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Mistress Room
This enormous room is a favourite for honeymooners. There is a large ornate iron bed and a luxurious banquette. The cool cream and black ensuite bathroom has a huge corner bath that can easily accommodate two.

Walnut Room
This room contains a large walnut bed, and furnishings. The sultry deep red bathroom has a large circular bath/shower for those who enjoy decadent bathing.

Twin Room
The twin bedroom has a large built-in wardrobe and safe. Two dinky chairs of classic design, with a fantastic picture of the Modernist Moroccan School. Ensuite bathroom with a shower.

Courtyard Room
A charming double room which opens onto the courtyard and has a magnificent picture ordaining the wall. This room has an ensuite bathroom with shower. For those that hate climbing stairs after a good dinner, this is "ideal".

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